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Hi, I'm Matt Marshall



I live with my wife of eleven years and our three daughters in unincorporated Pierce County between Roy and Eatonville. Born and raised in Washington, I have lived all over the state; from the big city of Seattle, to the small town of Asotin. I knew early on that I wanted to serve the public, so the day after high school I began an internship as a resident firefighter/emergency medical technician in Oregon. Upon completion of that program I entered the United States Army where I spent 12 years on active duty with two combat tours to the middle east. One tour I served as a non-commissioned officer and the other as a commissioned officer.

After I was honorably discharged from active duty, I returned to my home state of Washington and was drawn to politics. With a few close friends, we founded a nonprofit corporation known as The Three Percent of Washington designed to support, prepare and defend our communities while also supporting homeless veterans. I was elected as Precinct Committee Officer for 02-156 and eventually elected by fellow PCOs to be Vice Chair of the Pierce County 2nd Legislative District Republicans. In November of 2019 I was elected to Eatonville School Board of Directors Position #3. 

Like many of you I have become disgusted by self serving politicians. I remember the promises made by our elected leaders and plan to hold them accountable for their promises. I have always been passionate about the education of our youth, and recall the promises that Lottery and cannabis taxes would go only to schools and roads. Yet for some reason, lottery and cannabis tax revenue go to the general fund. This now forces schools to pass levy and bond measures just to sustain a functional academic environment. I plan to change this process.

For too long, the 2nd Legislative District has been controlled by my opponent who wields his unbridled power through business and political connections. He intimidates people in our community, and other elected officials, to remain silent while failing to make positive change in our district.  I will not be silent. I promise that when elected, I will represent the 2nd Legislative District values. I will always advocate for decreased regulation, decreased taxes, improved transparency, fiscal responsibility, and all Constitutional Rights. 


Drain the Evergreen Swamp


1. Obey the Constitution

2. Represent the People of the 2nd Legislative District

3. Do what is ethical


I will always seek solutions that focus on desired outcomes, citing empirical evidence and avoiding emotional arguments. We must focus on ways to impact change that are fiscally responsible and do not negatively impact life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

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